Dear Mom: 

Sorry I waited so long to write,
but your son wants to say I'm all right.
I thought it about time I wrote you a line
and tell you we all feel fine.
Hope you and Dad don't think I'm asinine
when I say it took me this long to resign

myself to the fact you're no longer here;
but this has been a sad and lonely year.
You don't know how much I miss you and dad;
but you are together and that makes me glad.
You were my mom since I was a tiny lad.
To give you up now really makes me sad.

If I could come home once more and see
the ones who meant so much to me;
but there is no more home, no more happy smiles;
there is no more welcome domicile.
That is all gone.  I must reconcile;
to wish otherwise would be futile.

A man couldn't ask for a better mom and dad.
You gave me everything you had.
Riches are something you never knew;
but you stood by your kids 'till they grew.
You made sure we were honest and true. 
If only one more time I could say, 
"Mom, I love you."

Mom, I wish you could call and say, 
"Why don't you come down and spend the day?"
I don't think I could drive past the old home place
and not see your smiling face.
Without you there it's an empty space.
Everything disappeared without a trace.

Now in the shadows of the evening gloom,
I can sense your presence in the room.
I can feel you're standing by the door.
I hear your footsteps on the floor.
I feel your kisses by the score,
bestowed on the one you adore.

Well, Mom, I guess I better close now.
It's getting dark, I can't see to write anyhow.
But first I want to thank you for raising me
and you will always be my fondest memory.
So until God returns your son home to thee,
remember in my heart you'll always be.

Your loving son, 
Elmer Ake 

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© 2003 by Elmer H. Ake
Published May 11, 2003
by Gilda Tabarez.
All rights reserved.