by Elmer Ake

I still see your face across these many years
Like a shadow that fades then reappears.
That loving face that haunts my dreams
With a thousand unforgettable scenes.
A face brighter than any sunbeam
With love purer than a mountain stream.

I still hear your voice across these many years
The sound of your voice is music to my ears.
In the cooing of the dove
Or the soft patter of the rain above.
Even the laughter of children remind me of
The words you spoke to me of your love.

I still see your eyes across these many years
And the loving hands that brushed away the tears.
Those hands that always held me close
Those hands that tickled at my nose
Every time I tried to doze
Those dear hands more lovely than any rose.

I still feel your lips across these many years
Those caressing lips that filled my days with cheer.
If I could just once go back and dine
On kisses from those lips that once were mine.
And to feel that tingle down my spine
To drink again from love's overflowing stein.

I still feel your heartbeat across these many years
The heart I broke with my jealous fears.
A heart that beat so true for me
Why couldn't I hear your tearful plea?
Now you are gone I can look back and see
Just how much I loved my dear Connie.

I still feel your love across these many years
I keep it here among my souvenirs.
A few faded pictures from so long ago
A little card that says I love you so.
Among the tokens that I will never show
Is a broken heart that you will never know.

I still hear your good bye across these many years
Your last words still ring in my ears.
You told me you would always be
Just an unforgettable memory.
You were right, I was too blind to see
Just how much my dear Connie meant to me.


Don't cry Jami we're not going far,
Just down to Sandy Hook to practice landing on the bar.
With these few simple words a man goes on his way
And leaves a young bride to ponder all her days.
She will sit and wonder and watch the door and pray
She will still be waiting when she is old and gray.

Myself and Jenny, Otis Bays and Jami were the best of pals
Jami and Jenny were really too sweet gals.
Jenny was the type that liked to have fun
Jami was more quiet she was the serious one.
And when she met Otis she fell like a ton
It would have been better had she turned and run.

But Otis and Jami decided to team up for life
So they had the vicar pronounce them man and wife.
And we threw a big party at the Stag and Hound
Cost the squad about eighty pounds.
When Jenny caught the bouquet she sure made happy sounds
She thought her wedding would be the next around..

The affair at the Stag and Hound was in May of forty four
It was to be the last, the place is gone forever more.
The Captain gave Otis a three day pass for his honeymoon
He had to be back in camp before the first of June.
Three days is not a long time to spoon and croon
And so they were on a train that afternoon.

That night with a blast and roar, the Stag and Hound
Disappeared in a cloud of dust. nothing was ever found.
The honeymoon came to a sudden end
When Jami heard of the death of her best friend.
When your young death is hard to comprehend
With Jenny's death Jami's heart would be long to mend.

I only saw Jami one more time
At Jenny's wake she came and put her hand in mine.
With Otis and her standing by my side
I felt the tears that I couldn't hide.
To her there was something I wanted to confide
But I couldn't say the words no matter how hard I tried.

Otis didn't dare tell Jami where we were bound
But the next day we were in Southampton town.
The channel port was full of ships
And we were packed on board hip to hip
It looked like we were going on a trip.
But the damn thing broke down and didn't leave the slip.

I am sure glad we were late for D Day
This story might have ended some other way.
We couldn't get off all we could do was sit and wait
But that is life in every army it is a soldiers fate.
And we didn't get any mail at this late date
This caused poor old Otis to be irate.

We landed on Utah beach on d+ten
Things were pretty well cleaned up by then.
There was one blasted bunker just above high tide
A German soldier was sitting just inside
Probably the position in which he died.
He had a real bad smell the wind couldn't hide.

Back from the beach was the town of Vallones
Not much left but a pile of stone.
We were there only about an hour
When we came under heavy artillery fire.
We were laying in holes in the mud and mire
When a piece of shrapnel caused Otis to expire.

You better believe the squad was in deep shock
When a friends number comes up on the clock.
All I could think of is what Jami would say
Two dear one's deaths in just a few days.
I tried to write her but there was no way.
I'm truly sorry Jami, but for you I did pray.

Months later in the mail I received a note
This is what her sister wrote.
Said Jami is better now than she was in June
Doctors say she will be coming home soon.
She says her and Otis will go on their honeymoon
When they come back you and Jenny come visit some afternoon.

How many other wives knew Jami's fate?
Sit home alone and quietly wait.
For the knock on the door they dread will come
About the loss of a husband or a son.
These are warriors also each and every one
They are warriors that never carry a gun.

It's hard for a man to pack and go away
And there are no brass bands for those who wait and pray.
Or those who keep the home fires burning
Or those who sit with a heart that's yearning
Or the knock on the door when they will be learning
That their loved one will not be returning.

For a wife that faces the lonely years ahead
She is the true hero, not the one who is dead.
For he sleeps in an honored grave
Above the band plays and old glory waves
Politicians come and rant and rave.
But the wives and mothers are the ones that gave.

At St. Mere Elise just up from Omaha beach
I stopped one day and marveled how far the crosses reach.
Along towards the end of the day
I found one that read Pvt. Otis Bays.
As I stood there I swear I heard Jami say
He's no longer here, he came home to stay.

What became of Jami? I would never know.
For this all happened so very long ago.
Did she recover and return home one day?
Doe's she still remember when he went away?
I still remember when she was young and gay.
I still remember Jami and Otis Bays.

Elmer Ake


 Jenny you are the flame that set my heart afire.
The mention of your name fills my soul with desire.
The love you brought was so very new.
The heart you offered was so true.
I ask my God what did I ever do?
To find a girl so dear as you.

You are such a darling dear sweet lass
Why I am not even in your class.
God worked overtime to make your lithesome frame
And taught you all the tricks in love's old sweet game.
He made a wildcat no one can tame
Then gave you such a beautiful name.

The facts of life you sure knew plenty
And you hadn't even yet reached twenty.
English maidens are full of fun and wit
You can't run and hide you have to submit.
Jenny you were such a happy funny little twit
Everyone called you a flibbertigibbet.

I remember the nights when we would lie
And watch searchlights dance across the sky.
How the distant bombs would shake the ground
When the Luftwaffe came over London town.
How the ack ack guns made that horrible sound.
How the people cheered when they shot one down.

You sure taught me a lot my dear English girl
And I still think of you when the bagpipes skirl.
I remember fish and chips we ate by the pound
Tea and scones bitters and gin and ale that was warm and brown.
And a shot of scotch that cost half a crown.
We sure put a lot of that stuff down.

When we went into London and spent the night under ground
Because the buzz bombs were falling all around.
You said you needed to go to the loo
And would I loan you a pence or two?
What you were planning I didn't have a clue
Until I saw you standing in the queue.

You lived in a little house on the Kent downs
Next to a bar named the stag and hound.
We spent so much time there.
They put our names on our own chairs.
I shall not forget the good times I got to share
By the side of the girl with the soft brown hair.

And those blackout nights we loved so well
What people couldn't see they couldn't run and tell.
Now I didn't much like going in your house,
'Cause your mom thought I was a yankee louse.
Said if I ever became your spouse,
You would be married to a souse.

I remember well that tragic foggy night
I couldn't get a pass the camp was locked up tight.
A rocket came over, flamed out and came crashing down.
I guess you were in bed sleeping sound.
Your home and the stag and hound
Became a big hole in the ground.

At the service as I bowed my head
How I wished too that I were dead.
And the vicar looked me in the eye
Said it's all right son, go on and cry.
He said you will never forget, her don't even try.
Just remember you loved her, now go say good bye.

But I could never go back and see the place
I couldn't stand not to see her face.
A few days later we packed up and went down to the sea
Time to go face the dreaded enemy.
And I vowed they would have to deal with me
I would settle the score for a girl named Jenny.

Oh, I remember the girl with the soft brown hair.
Her happy laughter I still hear, see her face everywhere.
I think often of you, Jenny dear.
I wish the stag and hound were near.
One more time I would love to hear
Jenny say, 'Let's get some fish and chips and have a beer.'

Elmer Ake

An Angel

From a distant star came an angel one day to me
With her heart as pure as a rosary,
With hair as dark as a moon less night,
In her curls a single rose of white.
Her smile a thousand times more bright
Than the most dazzling sunlight.

Around her head a halo of shining gold,
A vision of loveliness to behold.
Did the angels weep when she left above?
You can hear their anguish in the mourning of a dove.
Did God bend down and kiss her glove
And send her to us with all his love?

I am sure angels walk upon the earth
For they light the sun at each day's birth.
They touch our souls with the music they play
They cause flowers to bloom in our pathway.
Yes they brighten our life each passing day
With a love we can never repay.

Now this angel that came and shed her love on me
Lives far away beside a distant sea.
Does she have gossamer wings?  I don't know.
Or around her head a golden halo?
But this angel causes the stars to glow
The stars that shown so long ago.

In ancient times her name meant the Golden One,
The daughter of the Goddess of the summer sun.
Now, Gilda dear, you know what I mean.
You're the angel that protects the silent screen.
You are the guardian of all that has been
Of all the angels, You are the Queen.

Now, Gilda, you should stand up and confess
You are the angel we all should bless.
You should stand up and show your pretty face
You are an angel in the human race
Loaned to us by God's grace.
We love you,  Gilda.  None can take your place.

Elmer Ake


On a sheltered wall by a windswept bay
A single rose blooms every day.
A rose so fair so pure and white
It makes the other flowers seem trite.
It stands alone in the warm sunlight
And winks at the stars on the darkest night.

Who would dare pluck this lovely flower?
Who's beauty grows more by the hour.
Angels would cry out with alarm
If any one would do it harm.
And God would lift his mighty arm
And flood the earth with a terrible storm.

Now in a house by the wall, by the windswept bay
Lives another flower that blooms all day.
A flower that is soft and rare.
A flower with moonbeams in her hair.
And like the rose she is so fair.
These two make such a lovely pair.

Then to the house beside the windswept bay
There came a stranger one bright sunny day.
Tall and handsome and wearing fancy clothes
He reached down and plucked the rose.
And at the door he said, you don't know me I suppose,
But my name is Rudolph Valentino.

Then his voice got real soft and he says,
'I'm looking for Miss Gilda Tabarez.'
That is how Gilda met the man who is right,
The man who graces her web site.
Now this story should shed a lot of light
On why Gilda wears a rose of white.

Elmer Ake

  Copyright © 1998-2007 by Elmer Ake.  All rights reserved.

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